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EU – Without Borders

Issues that tend to ignore borders. I’ve spent less time covering the following issues because they don’t seem to generate as many arguments as membership, immigration and sovereignty. Consumer affairs This issue covers pricing, safety testing and ensuring customers are… Continue Reading →

EU – Sovereignty

Every time I hear the word “sovereignty” I want to kick something. Of all the over-used words in this EU referendum, I reckon it’s the one that is most misunderstood by the majority of us. Here’s a question: how much… Continue Reading →

EU – Immigration

Nowhere has the subject of the EU referendum become more toxic than on the subject of immigration. Both Remain and Leave are at fault. #FactCheck: Net UK migration from EU countries at 184,000 a year #FactCheck: Net UK migration from… Continue Reading →

EU – Membership Costs & Benefits

Conventional political wisdom is that national elections are decided by how rich or poor the electorate feel they will become under whomever they elect: “it’s the economy stupid” is the frequent refrain. I’m increasingly convinced that it’s won by whoever… Continue Reading →

EU – Frames of Reference

I was tempted to call these definitions, but it could be argued that they are subjective and so should only be used as terms of reference. I’ll add to these as we go along. Short-term – covering or applying to… Continue Reading →

EU – The Players

The Players – There are 3 camps: VoteRemain – Many in the VoteRemain camp are often painted as The Establishment, i.e. those who have power, money & influence. – The UK Tory government (David Cameron, 16 other Cabinet members &… Continue Reading →

EU – Remain or Leave

So, let’s talk about the European Union (EU) and whether or not to remain in. I am a born and bred Londoner 1st and a Brit 2nd, proud to be both. I am also black, which doesn’t seem to be… Continue Reading →

EU – Index

Home: EU Referendum EU – Remain or Leave EU – The Players EU – Frames of Reference EU – Membership Costs & Benefits EU – Immigration EU – Sovereignty EU – Without Borders EU – Cost of Remain & Cost… Continue Reading →

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