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So, let’s talk about the European Union (EU) and whether or not to remain in.

I am a born and bred Londoner 1st and a Brit 2nd, proud to be both. I am also black, which doesn’t seem to be an issue for anyone that I want to spend any time with, but might be for others.  Oh and my origins (which every govt form seems to want to know) are African, but then ultimately so are everyone-else’s – it’s just that some of you have really pale skin, so it sucks to be you in the Summer.

Am I European? Well, my country happens to be in Europe and there are no plans to up anchor and sail away. Really the other European countries are my next-door-neighbours – I’m quite close to some (popping round for cups of tea, occasionally breaking bread, often borrowing and loaning cups of sugar and various tools, mine and their kids running and playing in our gardens and houses) and on speaking-terms with most of the others. As for the rest of the World they exist on distant streets so it takes awhile to walk around, but there’s a few family members who have settled there whom I’m on good terms with.

None of the above should have anything to do with the question of staying or leaving the European Union (EU). The only question that I believe needs answering is are we better off in or out?

I am currently in the Remain camp: not because I think the EU is brilliant – far from it, there are many things that need fixing – however the Leave camp scares me with their fantasy economics & policies and their very scary leaders.

However, I have good friends who are going to vote to Leave or are close to doing do. So, in order to have a proper discussion with them I’ve read around and am willing to share and listen to anyone minded to engage, so that I can see if I can convince them to Remain and to give them a chance to convince me to Leave. I shall deliberately be avoiding official Remain and Leave websites.

I shall be posting and adding Notes over the next day or so. I will be using #FactCheck and #Opinion to denote links that have been independently fact-checked and Opinion pieces that I think are interesting and add to the debate. I may also take any interesting comments and turn them into talking points (#TP). I shall also try not to be rude about various politicians and business people. I shall try very hard…

So, looking forward to a robust conversation tomorrow with I hope more facts and less guff than both sides have been peddling thus far.

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