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Depression: Just Another Day – Abridged (AKA The Cliff Notes)

Apparently, some people have a hard time reading anything of length, so here is Depression abridged, a much-shortened version of my original blog – stripped of personal context and distilled down to just lessons learned and hopefully helpful tips…

Could I be a runner again

I used to be quite good at running but stopped in my early thirties when my back started giving me jip. At least, that’s what I tell myself. If I’m honest, I stopped because it was getting harder as I… Continue Reading →

The Age of the Shameless & Charlatans

How populism rose as people learned that in an interconnected World their lies didn’t cost them anything and might just give them everything.

Choices have consequences

I believed that Senators, House Representatives, MPs and the like would do right by their respective nations because shame would be as powerful a deterrent as much as the desire to leave an honourable legacy of which to be proud…. Continue Reading →

#MeToo is You Too

There comes a time in every generation when seismic change can move from being desirable into becoming the new reality: the end of slavery, the sexual revolution, the end of Apartheid. It is often hard fought because it presages a… Continue Reading →

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