I bit about me: I’m a Londoner, born and bred; living and working in the city and loving everything it has to offer. I likely spend too much money on gallery and museum memberships, but they’re a good excuse to cycle around town, feed the soul with art and keep a book-buying habit in check that once looked as though it might consume my living space.

I write to make sense of the World. I write because I think the subject matter is important enough for me to want to better understand, learn and share. I deconstruct things that occupy my thoughts into words and paragraphs. I sit and rest with them. And then I start moving them around, seeing what fits together, what works and what doesn’t. I make a whole with a beginning, a middle and an end (thank you Mrs Hill).

On this blog, I hope to engage on stuff that I (and maybe you) find interesting and worthy of further consideration and comment.

A little bit more about me

My name is James, and AK are the initials to my overly long double-barrelled surname – which led to an early onset of spelling paranoia and taught me the importance of paying attention to other people’s names. I provide Business & IT consultancy services to small & medium-sized businesses, mostly based in London.

I cycle pretty much everywhere that’s within 2 hrs reach of wherever I am. I like to tell myself that I’m saving the planet 1 ride at a time, but really it allows me to indulge myself in nights out in good company; filled with eating, drinking, dancing, lively conversation and the occasional epiphany. I do have quiet moments, but I make the most of those that are not.

Oh and I laugh. A lot. Often at quite inappropriate things.