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Your life and the lives of everyone you know is governed or manipulated by politics. Educate yourself about those in power or who have power. Decide who deserves your support.

Vote Your Values: UK 2019

I’ve left this rather late to write, so I’m going to have to self-plagiarise from previous blogs and Facebook posts because although there is much lying in politics there are some things which are true and can be re-used: vote… Continue Reading →

Brexit – Every MP needs to become a leader

Every MP is the representative of all their constituents and in a position of leadership. Yes, they have party affiliations; however, when it comes to decisions that affect the country it doesn’t matter which party an MP is aligned with:… Continue Reading →

Vote your values: US Mid-terms 2018

Could this be the most important national US Election ever? Er, well, yes: at least since the last one. And maybe the next one. Really, every election is only ever as important as the effects it will have on you… Continue Reading →

1st responsibility of government? There’s an East wind coming…

The 1st responsibility of government is protecting its citizens from violence. Theresa May and the Tory party, in their desperation to hold onto power, have chosen to put their own self-interest ahead of that prime duty. Apparently, it is party… Continue Reading →

You should vote: UK GE2017

Voting Matters: This election will affect yours and many of the lives of those you love in the UK and outside of it. You should vote for the things that you believe in and value. You should vote for your… Continue Reading →


Brexit (voting to leave EU) will not save us from TTIP. Anyone who tells you it will is lying. I’m ok if you don’t believe me on this, but would appreciate any evidence that proves that Brexit will save us… Continue Reading →

EU – My Perfect Brexit Plan

My Perfect Brexit Plan Convince the nation that because the UK is the 5th largest economy in the World the EU will capitulate in face of our obvious and deserved confidence and give us all we want starting off with… Continue Reading →

EU – Cost of Remain & Cost of Leave – Sovereignty

Sovereignty is a lie wrapped up in a Union Jack flag. If we Leave the EU none of us will have any more personal sovereignty than we have now. The only people who will have gained are those who are… Continue Reading →

EU – Cost of Remain & Cost of Leave – Immigration

Leave does not have a clear immigration plan. At first, they tried to claim that they would be able to continue to have access to the Single Market but would not have to abide by the free movement rule and… Continue Reading →

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