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EU Referendum

Collection of issues that are or were relevant with regards to the UK’s European Union Referendum (EU Ref) that asked the question whether to Remain or Leave. Turns out a binary choice is not a sensible option for a very complicated question.

EU – Cost of Remain & Cost of Leave – Sovereignty

Sovereignty is a lie wrapped up in a Union Jack flag. If we Leave the EU none of us will have any more personal sovereignty than we have now. The only people who will have gained are those who are… Continue Reading →

EU – My Perfect Brexit Plan

My Perfect Brexit Plan Convince the nation that because the UK is the 5th largest economy in the World the EU will capitulate in face of our obvious and deserved confidence and give us all we want starting off with… Continue Reading →


Brexit (voting to leave EU) will not save us from TTIP. Anyone who tells you it will is lying. I’m ok if you don’t believe me on this, but would appreciate any evidence that proves that Brexit will save us… Continue Reading →

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