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My Perfect Brexit Plan

  1. Convince the nation that because the UK is the 5th largest economy in the World the EU will capitulate in face of our obvious and deserved confidence and give us all we want starting off with free Single Market access, continuing to fund our farmers and Wales and Cornwall and allowing us to chose which EU laws we wish to follow
  2. Like Cameron, promise to get immigration down to the 10s of 1000s: they swallowed it twice before and so long as it’s someone new saying it they will again
  3. Once we win the vote torch workers’ rights: guaranteed holiday pay – axe that, paid maternity leave – get rid of, increased workplace protections – burn them all
  4. Corporation taxes – why should businesses pay into societies – cut those taxes – in fact run an auction to see who’ll pay the most if anything
  5. Privatise everything in sight – sell whatever national assets we still have to our city mates
  6. Accept well-paid 1-day £20k a month directorships from my city-mates
  7. Cut wages – if workers are able to save, then they’ve got too much money
  8. Import more immigrants if British workers go on strike
  9. Count my money
  10. Graciously accept Knighthoods & Lord titles for keeping Britain open for business

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