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June 2016

EU – The Players

The Players – There are 3 camps: VoteRemain – Many in the VoteRemain camp are often painted as The Establishment, i.e. those who have power, money & influence. – The UK Tory government (David Cameron, 16 other Cabinet members &… Continue Reading →

EU – Remain or Leave

So, let’s talk about the European Union (EU) and whether or not to remain in. I am a born and bred Londoner 1st and a Brit 2nd, proud to be both. I am also black, which doesn’t seem to be… Continue Reading →

EU – Index

Home: EU Referendum EU – Remain or Leave EU – The Players EU – Frames of Reference EU – Membership Costs & Benefits EU – Immigration EU – Sovereignty EU – Without Borders EU – Cost of Remain & Cost… Continue Reading →

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