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Could I be a runner again

I used to be quite good at running but stopped in my early thirties when my back started giving me jip. At least, that’s what I tell myself. If I’m honest, I stopped because it was getting harder as I… Continue Reading →

How to apologise

Some people believe that to admit to being wrong is to show weakness. They think that one should “never apologise, never explain”. Those people are cowards. There is no shame in saying you are sorry, although you may feel plenty… Continue Reading →

Depression: Just Another Day

Ok, so you are likely thinking: this is going to be hard work. You saw the word “Depression” and immediately thought do I need to read this? Because, well, reading about depression is depressing, isn’t it? Especially if you start… Continue Reading →

The Age of the Shameless & Charlatans

How populism rose as people learned that in an interconnected World their lies didn’t cost them anything and might just give them everything.

Brexit – Every MP needs to become a leader

Every MP is the representative of all their constituents and in a position of leadership. Yes, they have party affiliations; however, when it comes to decisions that affect the country it doesn’t matter which party an MP is aligned with:… Continue Reading →

Choices have consequences

I believed that Senators, House Representatives, MPs and the like would do right by their respective nations because shame would be as powerful a deterrent as much as the desire to leave an honourable legacy of which to be proud…. Continue Reading →

Vote your values: US Mid-terms 2018

Could this be the most important national US Election ever? Er, well, yes: at least since the last one. And maybe the next one. Really, every election is only ever as important as the effects it will have on you… Continue Reading →


Technology has given us a vastly always-on and always-connected World but conversely, we seem to have become, in real life (IRL), increasingly disconnected from each other. It appears that complicated issues and ideas might not be best summarised in 140… Continue Reading →

#MeToo is You Too

There comes a time in every generation when seismic change can move from being desirable into becoming the new reality: the end of slavery, the sexual revolution, the end of Apartheid. It is often hard fought because it presages a… Continue Reading →

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