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Technology has given us a vastly always-on and always-connected World but conversely, we seem to have become, in real life (IRL), increasingly disconnected from each other. It appears that complicated issues and ideas might not be best summarised in 140 or 280 characters and rather than rushing to react and to comment or post or get to market fastest, it would be better to 1st consider the impact on others around us. It might do us good to understand what others feel or think, and so, perhaps, we need to start re-teaching each other empathy.

In 1 minute or less, how I apply Empathy:

Forget about walking in someone-else’s shoes. They have too many experiences that you do not, for you to ever truly understand what it’s like to be them. Instead, think how you’d feel if X happened to someone you love or if that someone was forced into doing Y. Now apply that to whatever you’re trying to justify to yourself or others.

For example, you see a colleague being abused at work – do you keep your head down because it’s nothing to do with you? Now imagine that was your partner or child, what would you do, what would you want others to do?

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