Everything starts with a question



What happens when… you start dealing with depression

What happens when.. you acknowledge and open up about your depression or mental health or whatever it is that you choose to reveal of yourself that you previously hid, things are going to change.

Your Mental Health Toolkit

Turns out having a mental health toolkit comes in handy when the unexpected occurs… like a pandemic with racist tendencies

Depression: Just Another Day – Abridged (AKA The Cliff Notes)

Apparently, some people have a hard time reading anything of length, so here is Depression abridged, a much-shortened version of my original blog – stripped of personal context and distilled down to just lessons learned and hopefully helpful tips…

Could I be a runner again

I used to be quite good at running but stopped in my early thirties when my back started giving me jip. At least, that’s what I tell myself. If I’m honest, I stopped because it was getting harder as I… Continue Reading →

Depression: Just Another Day

Ok, so you are likely thinking: this is going to be hard work. You saw the word “Depression” and immediately thought do I want to read this? Because, well, reading about depression is depressing, isn’t it? Especially if you start… Continue Reading →

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